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All About MLH!

All About MLH!

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·Jan 22, 2023·

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Table of contents

  • What is MLH Fellowship?
  • WHY MLH?

I know many of you have many doubts regarding MLH & I will make sure that I try my best to clarify them. so let's begin......

What is MLH Fellowship?

  • It is similar to a remote internship there is a stipend and projects to work on.

  • It consists of three different tracks:-

    1-Web3 Engineering

    2-Software Engineering Track

    3-Site Reliability Track

  • Fellowship is of 3 months.

  • Prep is of 1 month.

Difference between Fellowship &Prep: Prep is to make students prepare for the upcoming fellowship in which they will work on real-life projects there is one more difference in Prep you don't get a stipend but in Fellowship, you do ($5000).


There are two rounds of getting short-listed for the MLH program-

  1. Application round -In this, an individual will submit his application including your Git-hub profile along with some (2 to 4) essays.

  2. Interview rounds- There are two 10-minute rounds in which the interviewer will ask about the Git-hub projects that you submitted

    Regarding application dates, you can visit their website.

Tips for Git-hub profile

  • Submit one project with a maintained readme file.

  • Don't apply without any projects.

  • Yes, you can show projects that you have worked on during hackathons.

  • Make sure that your Git hub shows all of your tech achievements.

  • Although it should be obvious I will still say it they do not ask you to solve Data structure & algorithm questions.

  • Your project's code needs to be clean although it is not necessary to try to run unit tests and if possible host your project.

Interview round one:

  • This round is for 10 minutes.

  • It's an HR round.

  • They will ask you why you chose this fellowship. How could this fellowship help them in their career?

  • Any previous experience?

  • General questions to check your confidence level so yeah confidence does matter.

So basically this round will check your overall personality.

Interview Round Two:

  • This is a technical round in which they will ask about your project and how did you build it. How can you improve it? what are the future aspects of this project?

  • Discuss your project code in this they will choose a snippet of your code and will ask what is this code's purpose so you should know about your project in & out and if your project was a group one make sure that you mentioned it.

  • If your project solves a real-life problem it will increase your chances exponentially.


  • You will get a chance to work on new technologies with people from across the world.

  • There will be stand-ups, bug fixing, code reviews..etc it will be a complete software engineer life experience.

  • There will be hackathons for upskilling.

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