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·Jan 26, 2023·

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Have you heard about outreachy, no? then this blog is for you it will cater to all your doubts regarding it, so without wasting a lot of time let's start.

What is outreachy?

  • It's a 3-month remote internship program.

  • It is only for underrepresented people who could be males/females/transgenders or any other kind the point is you have been discriminated against in tech communities.

  • In this many great open-source organizations also take part in it.

  • The duration is generally up upto 3 months.

  • Now the greatest question you all might have stipend! how much?

    so the answer to this question is $7000

    Shocked GIFs | Tenor

    But! I would still say the money should not be the motivation instead focus on learning new stuff.


Who is eligible for this program?

1. General eligibility

  • You must be 18 years of age or older by May 29, 2023

  • You must be available for a full-time internship. Outreachy interns work 30 hours per week.

2. Past internships

  • You are welcome to apply to Outreachy multiple times. However, you can only be accepted as an Outreachy intern once.

  • You must not be a past Outreachy intern.

  • You must not be a past Outreach Program for Women intern.

  • You must not be a past Google Summer of Code intern. All Google Summer of Code interns is ineligible for Outreachy. This includes people who did not successfully finish their Google Summer of Code internship.

    So people who have cleared GSOC:

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  • University students must have 42 consecutive days free from school and exams during the internship period.

    For dates and registration, you check out their website.

Applications open twice a year, so if you want to increase your chances always apply early as possible!

Application procedure:

There won't be any coding questions there will be only 5-6 essays type questions regarding the discrimination that you have faced in the tech communities.

I would suggest watching some of their videos than writing them in this way chances of your applications getting shortlisted will increase.

After you get shortlisted start contributing to the listed organizations.

How to write essays?

  • Try to be honest / Pour your heart out - Real-life incidents from your life where you faced discrimination are to be highlighted.

  • Do not copy-paste - Try writing on your own Be genuine.

  • Avoid any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

  • Tell me why you are suitable and the things you have achieved from school to college.


  • Be honest, write your essays as real as they can be.

  • So basically there are 5 levels of the tech stack that will be mentioned on projects during the period of contribution, so decide according to to choose the project which comes close to your level.

  • This community is not for just coders it is for community managers, designers, and Technical-writers.

Hope you find the blog useful if yes then make sure you share it among your friends and if no ! would love to hear your feedback you can also tag me on twitter-@MaushishYadav i would love to hear your thoughts

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